The Main Primary Building consists of 27 classrooms and includes the necessary activity rooms needed for the Foundation and Primary Stages. We are now planning the addition of a new Building [of the same design] to house pre- IGCSE classes and the necessary laboratories for the Sciences and ICT together with studios for the Arts. The Theatre and Multi Purpose buildings will then follow on at a later stage.

We are intending to expand our play area facilities this year with the building of an additional sports/playing field for the main primary school which will allow extra play area for the foundation school children. This play area will be provided with shade to protect the students from harsh weather conditions.

The technical side of our education includes Interactive Boards in every classroom to enable both software and internet teaching information to be introduced to the class and allow physical interaction by the children with the subjects being taught.

Computer I.C.T

has laboratories for both Foundation and Primary years, where the children can be taught to research and obtain data which they can use as part of their class subject activities and projects.


Our rapidly expanding library is a quiet, pleasant area where students can access for themselves [with the aid of either a librarian or with technical help] non fiction and reference books together with reading schemes recommended by Cambridge University. This should help the children to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the written word and encourage them to read more for pleasure and hence expand their knowledge and vocabulary.

Music Room.

Our music room has a supply of various instruments, which we will expand on over this next year. The children are encouraged to learn and sing songs in English which again will assist them with their spoken English.

Art Room.
Art and Crafts are an essential part of the development of a child’s education where their kinesthetic and motor skills are developed together with their imagination and artistic abilities.

Science Laboratory.

Although a science laboratory facility is not normally available in a primary school, we have provided this facility to allow its use by the children to enable them to learn the methods and scientific uses of a laboratory. They will have the opportunity to use microscopes and equipment and some battery powered electrical test equipment, together with normal laboratory instruments.

Ballet Hall.

After the success of the ballet class from last year, we intend to continue with this facility again this year. Perhaps we could get some of the boys to participate in the exercises? They could find that this would assist with their football !!