We all want the best for our children in our care. Smart kids nursery is committed to provide quality care & education for all children.

      We offer a secure, happy and stimulating environment. Independence, self confidence, consideration for others & Good manners are encouraged. Each child is special and unique as such we recognize different individual needs. Children learn best when praised and encouraged and the smart kids nursery the journey of discovery and learning is fun.

      We understand your needs as a parent and always endeavor to give you a quality service. You are entrusting us with the care of your child and we place the safety, welfare and development of your child as our number one priority above all other considerations.


Benefits of a Nursery Education for your child
• Nurseries provide continuity and stability for your child.

• The nursery environment complements rather than replaces the parents' role. Some parents feel emotional conflict if their child becomes attached to a nanny to the exclusion of themselves.

• As your child interacts in an early years group he develops personally & socially. He will learn to be aware of others' needs and to share and to make friends.

• Research suggests that there are long term benefits from nursery education. Children often perform better in school and later life and have more confidence.

• Moreover your child's time in nursery will be happy, exciting and fun. We believe that a nursery education is the best possible start to give any child.

Learning is fun
As your child gets older his concentration increases and he is ready for more challenging activities. Language and literacy skills are fostered through social interaction and sharing of experiences. Vocabulary develops as confidence grows. Your child will begin to recognize symbols and language as conveying meaning. Word recognition and reading is encouraged if your child shows signs of readiness. Simple numeric skills are developed and children have opportunities to solve practical problems through play. An awareness of size and space is encouraged relative to the immediate environment.

Personal and Social Development

Self-confidence is encouraged. Your child will learn to work independently and also to be part of a group. Real life is role-played in the Home Corner as children develop an understanding and a sensitivity to different cultures and beliefs. Your child will be encouraged to talk to and listen to others and to be aware of others' feelings and needs.

Creativity and Discovery

Children are naturally curious. Your child will have opportunity to explore, discover, and gain knowledge of his immediate surroundings and further a field. We encourage children to listen, observe, discuss and find solutions. Your child will experience sound, color and texture in creative play.