Staff & Rules

It is particularly important that all staff follow the following principals:

  • Good Behavior is kept constantly as a high profile issue while working in the nursery by negotiating what is acceptable and what is not with the child or group.
  • The enhancement of self esteem and positive role modeling is kept at the heart of our approach and incorporated in all activities involving staff, parents and children.
  • Children’s feelings and emotions are acknowledged and constructive help and support is given to resolve difficulties.
  • Children may only be restrained physically with the minimum of force necessary to prevent a serious happening i.e. preventing an accident, avoiding damage or injury
  • Under no circumstances may a child be shaken, physically punished or be made to feel that it is anything other than his or her behavior that is unacceptable.
  • All staff must make sure that the environment and activities are as safe as possible to avoid personal injury and the need for intervention
  • If it is deemed necessary to withdraw a child then an alternative activity or distractions should be institute for that child.
  • Adults should avoid discussing a child’s behavior with another person with the child present
  • Recurring problems will be tackled, using objective observation records to establish an understanding of the cause.
  • Adults will be aware that some kinds of behavior may arise from a child's special needs.
  • Adults will not shout, or raise their voices in a threatening way.
  • In any case of misbehavior, it will always be made clear to the child or children in question that it is the behavior and not the child that is unwelcome.
  • Adults will make themselves aware of, and respect, a range of cultural expectations regarding interactions between people.


All children, parents and members of staff attending the Mews are expected to follow simple rules concerning acceptable behavior:

  • Be kind to each other.
  • Take care of each other by keeping the safety rules
  • Take care of property and equipment.
  • Listen to and respect each other.

Implementation of the rules for the children will be appropriate to the age of the child and dependant on what task or activity is being undertaken. Each group leader will devise a simple code of conduct with the children and agree together what should happen if the rules are broken. This may need to take place at various significant times for example first day in the pre school, holiday club, then re-enforced and built upon when taking children on visits, at collection times from schools, outdoor play, looking after the rabbits, meal and snack times.