Guidelines for Parents

  • Please have at least one change of clothes for your child here at school at all times. This includes underclothes and socks.

  • Please be aware that we may get messy at school. But always remember that if your child is dirty, they have had fun! So please do not send your child to school in expensive clothes or clothes you do not want to get dirty.

  • Please try to have your child here no later than 9:00 & If it is not convenient, please bring them as soon as possible, but please know that all of our teachers will be busy with children and activities, so we will greet you with a smile and a "Hi!", then resume our activity.

  • If your child does not come early to eat breakfast (9AM - 10AM) please bring your child fed and dressed and ready for the day.

  • Occasionally, we may post a list of things we need for the classroom like shoe boxes, paper towel rolls (empty), etc. These things will always be left over things from home.

  • All children get sick occasionally, especially when they are young and their immune system is not fully developed. We want to keep everyone as healthy as possible and for this, we need your help. If your child has a fever during the night or when they wake up, please do not send them to school unless they are fever-free without using fever-reducing medicines.

  • Rashes are very difficult to identify. There is a school health regulation that says children with an unidentified rash must be excluded from school until the child is examined by a doctor and there is a written note that the child is not contagious. (if a parent/guardian identifies Chickenpox no note from a doctor is required but the student may not return to school until all lesions are dried to the crust stage.)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines!