SEED is SVS’s environmental awareness project.
The aim of the project is to educate our students on how to be socially responsible individuals with regards to preserving our resources through recycling and reusing them.

This is an ambitious project which will go through several steps; however as a first step we would appreciate your cooperation and participation.

Inside the school premises we have started to collect all of our used and unneeded paper/ carton. We will send them to institutions that will reuse them and put them in other useful industries.

What we need from the parent's side is the following:

Try to spare a small space in your house for a carton box in which you can throw all of your unwanted paper and carton material, instead of throwing it in the kitchen basket (eg: old magazines, newspaper, notes, old books, kids drawings, wrapping paper made from paper, any unwanted pieces of carton, empty carton boxes, medicine carton boxes, egg containers made of carton…etc). When your box becomes full, kindly bring it to the school and leave it with the security, or send it with your child and we’ll handle the rest. (Preferably in this case not to put empty milk or juice boxes as they will still contain leftovers of the liquid, so basically anything that is totally dry).

If any of you are interested in taking it a step further, you could also use another carton box for all your plastic and non organic leftovers, anything that doesn’t contain food or drink (eg: empty bottles of water, detergent, shampoo, oil, empty bottles of medicine whether glass or plastic, an empty pack of chips, pasta or rice, empty cans, juice and milk boxes, wood, metal,…etc). After it’s full you can also bring it to school and we will make sure to send it to the NGOs that collect such materials, pass them on to the right venues which in turn reuse these materials in the most effective ways. In order to make more space in your carton box you could try squeezing the bottles and cans.

Believe me it won’t take much effort and the results are tremendous, since you will be part of the whole recycling process.

What are the benefits of separating waste then recycling it?

1. Recycling preserves wildlife. When fewer trees are cut down to make virgin material, habitat for wildlife remains. This preserves trees that are a vital part of the ecosystem.
2. Carbon-based fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, are the main causes of global warming. If global dependency on these fuels were reduced, more and more ecosystems would be protected and the risk of global warming would shrink.
3. Producing organic fertilizers from food instead of breeding animals off the organic waste.
4. Producing organic fertilizers free from poisonous materials (lead, zinc, cadmium …etc).
5. Transforming waste into resources and dealing with it in a civilized manner.
6. Creating job opportunities in the field of recycling for the unemployed youth (7 job opportunities for every ton of solid resources).
7. The maximum benefit and efficiency from the recyclable resources (90% of which is based on the expertise of the civil society in recycling).
8. Contribution in cleaning up urban cities and providing a healthy environment for our children and ourselves.

As a team we dream of the day when the recycling process becomes popular and normally applied in Egypt.


REMINDER:  There is no planet B