Smart Village Schools is always delighted to receive CV’s for qualified staff members to join the SVS family. We pride ourselves in being a close-knit society, working together to achieve a higher goal and a premium education for our students.


During the past two years, we have travelled to the UK to find qualifies teachers through the employment fair.


Candidates teaching post should possess the following:

  • Egyptian employees applying to work as teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree in Education or a related degree to the subject area they will teach.
  • Non Egyptian employees are limited to teaching jobs and must satisfy 2 main conditions; a Bachelor’s degree in Education (or in the subject area that they will teach) and teaching experience of at least 3 years as a teacher. These are essential requirements to be able to issue Form to a work visa for non-Egyptians.


The School is always delighted to receive CVs at any time from well-qualified professionals; please email