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  • Math Day at Kipling
    Is a fantastic hands on day where students are introduced to new and exciting mathematical activities. This event is organised annually and winners are awarded a Math Day cup and house points.
    The winning team will be awarded a total of 100 points added to their house.
    Students are divided into groups and there will be 12 stations involving different activities.
    We look forward to a productive and educationally fun day.

  • Thank You
    Thank you to parents for a great start to the new school year. It is quite clear to us this year that parents have been talking with their children about the need to follow the school rules and to work hard. The students have made a wonderful start and we are proud of them. We are really looking forward to the rest of the year.

  • End of Day Arrangements
    TAs many of you know we have changed our end of day arrangements to create a more ordered structure to ensure that buses leave on time. Kindly note that to make sure we can organize the lines effectively at 3pm the car gate will not be opened until 3:10. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter.

  • Morning Gates
    Please be reminded that the bus and car gates are locked at 08:00 sharp each day. We kindly request that in the mornings parents do not enter the school to ensure that we can have a smooth start to the day. If you have any business in the main office, please enter the building through the front entrance. Exit from the bus and car gates will not be possible after 08:00.

  • Uniform
    The students look wonderful in their uniforms this year, we can see that they are proud to be a part of Kipling. Thank you to all parents who have taken the time to make sure that your children have the correct uniform each day, it is much appreciated. Just to reiterate, school shoes must be black only with no white markings visible at all. Nearly every student in school now has the correct shoes and they all look fantastic.

  • Attendance
    School attendance is greatly improved this year with very few students arriving late. Again our thanks to parents for getting your children to school on time. Just a polite reminder that students arriving after 08:00 need to enter through the main entrance and will be denied access to the school until the end of the first lesson at 08:45. Students arriving after this time will not be allowed into school for that day. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter and ensuring the minimum disruption for students.


Welcome to Kipling school

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back to what we hope will be a productive and flourishing academic year. This year is a strategic year for Kipling as it experiences change and growth in many areas. Several of our teachers traveled overseas in the holiday to begin their Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and many more teachers will be following in the months to come. The PGCE is the recognized teaching certificate from the UK and it is the aim of the school that all our teachers will eventually reach this standard. This would make us one of the few schools in Egypt in this position.

This year we have many changes being introduced that we hope will enhance the educational experience for our students: a new house system, student prefects and a student council. We will continue to expand our use of online reporting so parents are kept informed on a daily basis of their child’s performance. We hope that we can work together to provide the best experience for our students and we look forward to collaborating with parents throughout the year.

Simon Saunders

Kipling Director